KY Teaching Certificate

Himat Singh

(Means Lion of Courage)

aka Arthur Kegerreis

2039 N. Las Palmas Ave. #324

Los Angeles, CA 90068

(323) 512-2175



LA Kundalini Yoga Teachers’ Network, Los Angeles, CA

aka “Kundalini Unified”


Initiated LA Kundalini Yoga Teachers’ Network with Kirtan Singh

Planned events to build teachers’ community in LA

Organized events every 60 days

Designed Flyers for events

Promoted events via email, Constant Contact, print, and phone

Worked with core team (Kirtan Singh, Har Simran Kaur, Kulwant Kaur, Anand Kaur, and Sukhmani Kaur) to target needs of teachers and create events serving their needs

Created Graphics for DVD of IKYTA Workshop

Wrote article covering evolution of teacher’s network


Anna Getty

www.Purestyleliving.com, Los Angeles, CA

Web Designer

Overhauled products and services website


Yogamates.com, Los Angeles, CA

E-Commerce Administrator, Newsletter Designer

Maintained and stocked OSCommerce Web-store

Published e-newsletter for members


Davis Studio Architecture & Design, Los Angeles, CA

Graphic Design Production: Shiva Rea Instructional DVD


Guru Ram Das Ashram Website Committee, Los Angeles, CA

Website Consultant for website planning and design

Setup blog for committee to share ideas and facilitate discussion


SCDA, Los Angeles, CA

Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Taught meditation workshops as part of all-day visions workshops

every summer

Wrote yoga and meditation articles for monthly newsletter


Karuna Yoga, Los Angeles, CA

Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Led Morning Sadhana 3-5 days a week

New Year’s Eve Class January 31, 2006

New Year’s Morning January 1, 2007

(6-hour Prosperity/Sadhana Workshop)

Substitute Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Graphic Designer

Graphic Design updates for Teacher’s Training Manual

and Karuna Website


Yoga West, Los Angeles, CA

Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Teaching Sub throughout Summer Solstice

Frequent substitute Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Staff Kundalini Yoga Teacher 2003-2005

June 2005

3HO Summer Solstice, Espanola, NM

Solstice Security Team

Bassist with Guru Singh and Guru Ganesha SinghJune 2004

3HO Summer Solstice, Espanola, NM

Sound Crew Member

Bassist with Guru Singh and Guru Ganesha Singh

Production Team Member:

International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association Conference

Japji (Sikh Prayer) Study Course


KRI Kundalini Yoga Teacher Certification

Yoga Teacher Training

Golden Bridge Yoga, Los Angeles, CA

Instruction led by Sada Sat Kaur and Singh, Gurushabd Singh, and Gurmukh Kaur.


White Tantric Yoga Workshops

Attendee and setup team member

Including LA Convention Center, UCLA, Masonic Temple, and Espanola Summer Solstices


Golden Bridge Yoga, Los Angeles, CA

Kundalini Yoga Practice and Study

Workshops with Yogi Bhajan and Muniji

Continued studies and practice with Gurmukh Kaur, Gurushabd Singh, and Sada Sat Kaur and Singh.


Yoga West, Los Angeles, CA

Kundalini Yoga Practice and Study

Workshops with Yogi Bhajan

Continued studies and practice with Guru Singh, Gurumeher Singh, Guru Prem Singh

Bassist with Guru Singh regularly at workshops and classes


Dragos Gym, New York, NY

Pilates Instruction Apprenticeship

Romana Kryzanowka, New York, NY


Pilates Teacher Training

Romana Kryzanowka, New York, NY

Trainer Certification Course


Pilates Practice

Roxanne “Rocky” Murata, New York, NY


Sivananda Yoga Weekend Workshop

Grace Welch, Long Island, NY


Martha Graham Dance School, New York, NY

Introductory Graham Technique Intensive


Broadway Dance Center, New York, NY

Beginning Jazz and Ballet Technique Classes


Ravi Singh, New York, NY

Kundalini Yoga Practice and Instruction

History of Kundalini YogaWorkshop

Kundalini Yoga Classes

Thorough dedicated practice from his manuals


Woodstock Country School, S. Woodstock, VT

Hatha Yoga Instruction

Taught by Rick Case, student of Yogi Shanti Desai

Summer Solstice Passes

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  1. My daughter is interested in a Yoga teaching certificate program in Vermont — Is there one

    in Woodstock that you could recommend or in Burlington, Vermont

    Thank you

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